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Market Plus is a Business and Marketing consulting providing professional services to individuals, enterprises, governments and civil society organizations in business development and management, marketing, and performance management in many sectors and fields of operations.

Why Us?

Professional, friendly, international and local, reliable, affordable.

  • We are experienced, business and marketing consultancy
  • We work with all types of business owners in and around Tanzania
  • We can develop clear business and marketing strategies that fit your needs and budget
  • We can help your business grow and become profitable

Market Plus supports clients in Advisory Services, Trainings, and, in Business and Marketing Intelligence. Key to these areas we focuses on:-

  • Developing Corporate Strategic Plans, Business Plans, Export Plans, Import Plans, Procurement Plans and Documents & Human Resources/Talents Management Plans
  • Conducting  Market Researches and Studies
  • Developing  Marketing Strategies
  • Developing and Managing Marketing Corporate Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion & Personal Selling
  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments [EIA], Strategic Environmental Assessment [SEA], Environmental Auditing & Environmental Marketing Performance
  • Conducting Business Feasibility Studies
  • Conducting  Events Managements, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Specialized Trainings

Our office is located in Boman’gombe, Hai District in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania in East Africa and has a number of branches and partners around Tanzania.

CEO Biography

joseph swai
Joseph Swai

Joseph Swai is the founder and CEO of Market Plus, which earned him a spot as a business and marketing professional person in the Tanzania since 2009.

Joseph Swai was born in the Moshi, the town of Mount Kilimanjaro, on January 18, 1968. After high school, he enrolled at the Ardhi University, [Ardhi Institute] (1989), where he developed a Household Level Water Sand Filter, an innovation of its kind for helping grassroots people solve water quality problem.

Following managerial and commercial challenges in the water sector (Moshi Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authority) where Joseph Swai was working, He enrolled at the University of Iringa [Tumaini University Iringa College] for a Master of Business Administration – Marketing (2006) and later Chartered Institute of Marketing [CIM] – Nairobi, Kenya Branch (2009).

Combination of Environmental Engineering, Business Administration and Marketing knowledge and assignments, enabled Joseph Swai to accumulate vast hands on experience to become an experienced Trainer, Facilitator, Advisor and Researcher.

Joseph Swai is a member to several International and Tanzania based professional bodies to include Chartered Institute of Marketing [CIM]; Building Partnership and Development in Water and Sanitation [BPD]; Freshwater Action Network [FAN]; World Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council [WSSCC]; The Association of Public Health and Environmental Engineers of Tanzania   [APHEET]; Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture [TCCIA]; The International Network to Promote Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage; Association of Tanzania Water Services Providers [ATAWAS]; and Global Applied Research Network in Water Supply [GARNET].

Management Team

Market Plus operates from its three main Directorates namely Technical Operations, Finance and Administration, and, Marketing

Name Surname

Marketing and Sales

Name Surname

Finance and Administration

Name Surname

Technical Operations

Professional Consultants

Market Plus comprises of a strong team of professionals both pioneers and seasoned from around Tanzania and Worldwide.

Joseph Swai

Joseph Swai

Business Modelling and Development, Market Research, Marketing Performance, Strategic Development, Organizational Development, Training and Capacity Development Expert

Ayubu Lulesu

Ayubu Lulesu

Creative Branding, Online Marketing, SEO, Graphics Design & Web Developers , 3D Modelling and Interior Design

Company Profile

Market Plus was founded in January 2009 to provide a platform of steps necessary to lay the groundwork for a successful businesses venturing and management operations.  Market Plus had provided services to a number of clients in and outside Tanzania.

Most of our works in the sectors we focuses Agriculture, Water, Health, Tourism and Engineering are centred on Advisory, Trainings, Business and Marketing Intelligences.


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