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About Us

Market Plus is a business and marketing consulting providing professional business development, business management, marketing, and performance management services to individuals, enterprises, companies, governments and civil society organizations.


“Growing Your Business Ideas, Smart Planning and Ability to Execute to Realize Your Business Marketing Potential”

Business Development
and Management Solutions

Developing Strategic Plans, Business Plans, Loan Applications, Project Proposals, Feasibility Studies and Portfolio Management.

Marketing Researches
and Studies Solutions

Conducting Market and Marketing Analysis and Intelligence to Supports Businesses, Products and Services offered by Our Clients.

Marketing Development
and Performance Solutions

Developing Marketing, Communications, Export, Import, Marketing and CSR Plans, and in conducting Strategic Audits, Marketing Audits

Customers, Consumers
and Employees Surveys

Gauging Attitudes, Trends, Opinions and Satisfaction of Customers, Consumers and Employees to Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness and Operational Performance of Our Clients.

Environmental Management
Businesses Advisory

Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments [EIA], Strategic Environmental Assessment[SEA], Environmental Auditing, Environmental Marketing Performance.

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